The pheasant situation is starting to become silly. For those of you lucky enough not to have heard me rant in person; we seem to have a whole colony of pheasants living in the garden. I have nothing against pheasants when they are timid little things that fly away when you approach them – In fact, I think pheasants are very pretty birds generally deserving of not being shot. These ones, on the other hand, are starting to get just a little too comfortable.

For a start, they scare the cats. My cats are not easily scared, they bring me rats, squirrels, small wolves… But the pheasants just completely ignore them, in fact a few days ago, I caught Poggin inside the house, looking out of the patio doors looking oddly uncomfortable. I followed her gaze and there was a huge fat pheasant standing face against the glass, staring back at her and me.  He didn’t go away; in fact when I later returned with a camera, I swear he posed.

The other problem is the noise! Pheasants are noisy little fuckers. As I am typing this, at the opposite side of a large house, all I can hear is that bloody bird squawking about something or other. I suspect the something or other is the fact I haven’t put food out for them. I shall go and check…

Um, no, apparently the squawking was actually squeaking, and it was Tink torturing a mouse. Now I have to deal with that too. I went out to try and record you pheasant noises but I got sidetracked taking pictures of the manhole full of poo.

Anyway, this post was just an excuse to procrastinate a little and to post some pheasant photos, so here you are:

Harassing Poggin 1

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More Poggin harassment

Mrs Pheasant

The Skinnier Mr Pheasant

Fatter Mr Pheasant 1

Fatter Mr Pheasant 2

Thinner Mr Pheasant 1

Thinner Mr Pheasant 2

Thinner Mr Pheasant 3