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London Olympics 2012

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There’s no point me harping on about this, you know full well my assumption is that it will be a disaster best avoided. That said, I am prepared to let someone else have their say and Dave Kellett summed it up rather nicely in today’s Sheldon Comic. ‘Nuff said.

The inglorious 12th.

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The pheasant situation is starting to become silly. For those of you lucky enough not to have heard me rant in person; we seem to have a whole colony of pheasants living in the garden. I have nothing against pheasants when they are timid little things that fly away when you approach them – In […]

Warning – This is in draft and is hard to read, I will add/remove some punctuation and proper connecting words later. I don’t write much about me in here so people who don’t know me won’t have been following my year long war with my Landlords and their agents. It started with the landlords coming […]

Sturgeon and Wonklebottom

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It seems that it is all the rage nowadays to create Web Comics. So without further ado… Next week, thank the Gods, Sturgeon and Wonklebottom will not be appearing in a comic in which they discuss stuff they learned in class earlier about how three made up numbers can be combined together to form the […]

What a nice chap.

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I finally got around to dragging all of the photos from my mobile phone last night, and found this little shot that I took in a tacky tourist shop in Berlin. Can I just say… amazing! But then I guess every Revolutionary needs their own lip-balm. I am not a fan of Ernesto so I […]

I found this picture on the net last night, whilst on a hunt for pornography. It has made my head hurt ever since. They are not the same colour! They can’t be… They look nothing like one another. I figured it was one of those cons that makes you waste hours checking. Ok, so I […]


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It seems that I now have 59 of the PG-Tips monkeys. That doesn’t include Sidekick, the trusty little monkey of the same family who travels the world with me in the pocket of my rucksack. To get 59 monkeys, I have had to buy 9,440 tea bags at a cost of about 165 quid. The […]

Today I discovered that you can get a Bedwetting alarm that takes the form of a mat that goes under a child’s sheet. When the kid wets the bed it sets off an alarm that wakes the kid up and presumably, they will cease their weeing. I got to thinking that if I had designed […]


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Sometimes, fate just has a habit of making it obvious that you should be friends with somebody. Rarely have I ever stopped to capture the event on film. This may well rank as my personal choice for the best photograph I have ever taken but I very much doubt many people will either agree or […]