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(This is mostly complete, it just needs a tidy edit) In the last few months, I have read an awful lot of articles and watched far too many YouTube videos about gun ownership. I didn’t set out to do this at all; it’s just that I sometimes read articles about guns and they link to […]

Windows 8 and all that.

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The first time I was upset about an operating-system upgrade was in 1984. PRIMOS had a minor version upgrade to 19.2 and whilst I had retrospectively complained about the change from 18 to 19, that didn’t actually affect me. This change from 19.0 to 19.2 was a disaster because things I had written and hacks […]

Note to self…

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Don’t read this! It’s a note to me not to you. I just wanted somewhere to remind me about things I was going to write in the future. So here it is. Yet another Global Warming grumble. Judges and their concept of computer evidence. Whether I should start a security weblog. Michael on Containers. An […]

Sturgeon and Wonklebottom

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It seems that it is all the rage nowadays to create Web Comics. So without further ado… Next week, thank the Gods, Sturgeon and Wonklebottom will not be appearing in a comic in which they discuss stuff they learned in class earlier about how three made up numbers can be combined together to form the […]

My Day

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No don’t worry, I haven’t gone completely mad. The title was meant to be somewhat sarcastic. Somebody commented that I didn’t update my weblog very much so I thought I would respond. I don’t update my weblog very much because I don’t really have anything of much interest to babble about that seems to fit […]

As an Englishman from the North of the country; I have been raised in the secure knowledge that the pinnacle of human achievement was reached with the invention of the shed. Men need sheds as much as they need air, water and Marmite – It’s as simple as that. A shed gives men independence, freedom, […]

I know I used to have a book and TV section, and I know I merged it into this and thus more or less completely did away with it, so in penance I thought I would briefly babble about a couple of books I read lately. Since one of them is the new Potter book […]

Apparently, in the spirit of protecting us from a new generation of communicable diseases; O2 have started giving away condoms. I am not sure I think too much of the jokes, but it’s a nice touch.

What a nice chap.

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I finally got around to dragging all of the photos from my mobile phone last night, and found this little shot that I took in a tacky tourist shop in Berlin. Can I just say… amazing! But then I guess every Revolutionary needs their own lip-balm. I am not a fan of Ernesto so I […]