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It has finally happened. The gnomes on the Internet and I agree on something; namely that the last two Doctor Who episodes (The Pandorica Opens and Big Bang) were one of the biggest pile of steaming turdburgers ever created for television. Despite having legions of Pepperpot-Daleks, Cybermen, limp-wristed Romulans, Rhino Creatures, Flying Cubes, Stonehenge, Magical […]


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I am not sure I can deal with the idea of Suggs being the new Captain Birds Eye.

Big Brother

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It’s been about a week and I have already given up watching UK’s Big Brother. They just voted out the only one I actually liked; she was relatively sweet and quite cute (not that you could tell from her glamour shot in today’s Star) and the rest are utterly boring and generally intolerable. Ah well! […]

Little Lost Sheep.

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Sharon came up with one of the most concise summaries of LOST I have ever heard, today: <Pluteau> Shaun the Sheep is great! <Pluteau> we’ve recently started watching it <Pluteau> big fans now <Pluteau> Shaun rules > Well I want the episode where Shaun gets stuck on an island, after a plane crash… <Pluteau> yeahyeah, […]