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If you have ever read my resume on this site you will notice that I passingly refer to being sacked from British Telecom three times. Occasionally people ask for the story of this, but since I was always covered by some weird ethical code / Non Disclosure Agreement and the like I have always kept […]

Sale on the High Streets.

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I spotted that Dixons have packs of 20 Maxell C60’s on sale at the moment for £4.49 so I am going to buy about 10 packs this afternoon.I’ll get the decks up and running tonight and all being well I’ll be able to do you those Manic Miners you wanted at a quid each. I […]

The Technophobe News

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The Technophobe News, the flagship magazine of The Technophobe Press is now open for business. That is, it would be if the Editor, Printer, Binder, Distributor and only Author of this rather short lived journal wasn’t quite so terrified of his printer. It happened yesterday. Previously the offices of The Technophobe Press were inhabited mostly […]

The High Council of Master Bloggers and Online Mass Debating rejected my essay on the basis that it didn’t say what they expected to hear from a Master Blogger. Apparently, my point of view was completely at odds with the rest of the Mass Debating Society’s. On the other hand, I pointed out that since […]


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So… I have just had a message from the High Council of Master Bloggers and Online Mass Debating and I have been stripped of my title pending requalification. I was still in my probationary period and missing a day without prior notification broke the terms of this. The High Council are not without heart, however, […]

Snip Snip

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Well I finally gave in and got my hair chopped off. It was nice seeing it go all curly but it started to bug me by getting in my eyes. It had to go but now my neck and ears are cold. Grumble.


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I just received an email out of the blue which somewhat surprised me. I think it is possibly the writer’s equivalent of a Hendrix fan receiving a mail saying “I was Jimmi’s assistant for 18 years and have his favourite guitar still. Do you want it?”. In my case, it wasn’t Hendrix, it was Sir […]