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Two seemingly unrelated events decided to correlate themselves in my head today and I thought I would ponder out loud just for the irony value. Firstly there was a seemingly throwaway comment that made me smile on What The Papers Say about the fact that Obama lost thousands of his Twitter followers: “Talk about hitting […]

If you have ever read my resume on this site you will notice that I passingly refer to being sacked from British Telecom three times. Occasionally people ask for the story of this, but since I was always covered by some weird ethical code / Non Disclosure Agreement and the like I have always kept […]

A tale of two shittys.

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As I kneed myself in the face yesterday whilst trying to sit down on a North American toilet, I came to a startling realisation about why North Americans know very little about the world. In the spirit of international relations I am going to share this with you so that now, rather than pointing at […]

I read the most amazing article today about McDonalds admitting it was adding milk and wheat to their french fries. (Can we call them chips now please? This is an English Weblog – In fact where I come from they fry them in beef fat anyway). Admittedly, I find it a tad strange that McDs […]

Antisocial Security

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A while ago I pondered starting a weblog devoted to security. I occasionally feel the need to write something about this subject and I was worried that my one loyal reader would probably get bored stiff if I wrote too much in amongst my generally pointless rants. My problem is that I know more about […]

Yummy… Fried Food.

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Prometheus’s lesser known little brother stole butter and a frying pan from the Gods. His monumentous achievement was overshadowed by the cheek and audacity of his older sibling’s theft but none the less, was a major milestone in the relationship between man and his Deities.

Little Lost Sheep.

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Sharon came up with one of the most concise summaries of LOST I have ever heard, today: <Pluteau> Shaun the Sheep is great! <Pluteau> we’ve recently started watching it <Pluteau> big fans now <Pluteau> Shaun rules > Well I want the episode where Shaun gets stuck on an island, after a plane crash… <Pluteau> yeahyeah, […]