Warning – This is in draft and is hard to read, I will add/remove some punctuation and proper connecting words later.

I don’t write much about me in here so people who don’t know me won’t have been following my year long war with my Landlords and their agents. It started with the landlords coming back from Canada for a visit and wanting to visit the house they have rented to me for 10 years (apparently I am a tourist attraction) and ended a couple of months ago with them having spent a fortune, made zillions of stupid legal mistakes and getting a possession order to get the property back a year after they started when they could have got one months earlier or, just asked me to leave.Part of the collateral of this little battle has been that the Landlord’s letting agents who are the people who look after the property and who were the people who messed up anyway and apparently seem more than happy to lie about it all in court; have stopped talking to me. They don’t acknowledge my mails, and I gave up actually trying to talk to them in person ages ago. This means that they don’t respond to any of my complaints about any of the problems with the house: the fact that power points seem to randomly blow up; the fact the roof lets in water (lots of it), the fact that the oil tank seems to have a dead goat in it (ok, so it’s probably a rat, but you get the idea); the fact that the windows have all started to fall out… They also don’t seem to care that the sewers are blocked – Not just blocked, but blocked badly. They have been like that for about 3 months but are getting worse to the point that the neighbours really must know by now, mostly because every time we flush the toilet, the whole street stinks and their gardens fill with the previous contents of our toilet.

I have told them I am not paying any rent until they fix it, since I will probably need the money for long term medical care for acute Cholera or something but of course, they always pretend never to have received my emails (they claimed this in court when they said I hadn’t sent them anything and couldn’t produce it in discovery – Somebody should probably fix their mail system!) – It doesn’t much matter to me anyway, I am out of here and to the land of Camels soon. I do pity the next tenants here though although supposedly the landlords are actually moving back from Canada to live here. Well I hope they enjoy their 1st job, cleaning out that hole. I suspect it would have been a lot easier for them if they’d done it when we first told them but then, I guess it’s a very good way to get somebody out of your house. Biological Warfare. The Way Forward!

Enjoy the video… I can’t get it to embed in this so apparently I just have to include a link to Youtube. Crappy bloody weblog software. All the cool kids have software that lets them include videos. Grrr. Anyway:


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh one thing – Apparently the video narrative is wrong – The bath was emptied first and then after about 3 minutes, the toilet was flushed. It’s at that point in the video that things turn from unpleasant to fairly revolting. What you also don’t see is another drain behind me which is also blocked up, but not so much, and the downpipe from upstairs to that, which is starting to split and spill its contents everywhere on the way down.

As I said; Biological Warfare shouldn’t really be an option in tenancy disputes but seemingly, it is. The irony is that somehow, I am sure they will twist this so that it’s my fault and probably end up trying to sue me about it or something. They do like wasting their money in court.