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The Technophobe News

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The Technophobe News, the flagship magazine of The Technophobe Press is now open for business. That is, it would be if the Editor, Printer, Binder, Distributor and only Author of this rather short lived journal wasn’t quite so terrified of his printer. It happened yesterday. Previously the offices of The Technophobe Press were inhabited mostly […]

So… Bad news for all private boat owners in Britain, all companies that rent out boats, sell things to boat owners and rely on boats for tourism. The EU Comission rejected Britain’s application to allow private boat users to use red diesel in their engines. There are 2 tax levels for diesel in the UK, […]

Bollocking WordPress.

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WordPress just ate the last two postings I made because sometimes it is a pile of unadulterated shit. Unfortunately it is the best pile of unadulterated shit I have so I will have to live with it. I swear if I see that “Do you really want to edit this post?” message which I have […]

North American Cars

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I am currently trying to buy a car in Canadia. I don’t want anything special, I don’t want to pay much, I just need something solid that will work well for a few weeks. Unfortunately, it has to be a big chunky 4*4; not for cosmetic reasons but because I need to be in the […]