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There is a worrying thing happening at the moment. People are giving money to Pirate Bay so that they can buy Sealand. If you don’t know what Sealand or Pirate Bay is, then have a look here: The theory is that if Pirate Bay buys Sealand then a whole pile of operations varying from […]

The High Council of Master Bloggers and Online Mass Debating rejected my essay on the basis that it didn’t say what they expected to hear from a Master Blogger. Apparently, my point of view was completely at odds with the rest of the Mass Debating Society’s. On the other hand, I pointed out that since […]

So… To get my Master Blogger status back, I have been ordered to write some garbage on privacy, on-line security and freedom of speech. I am not really in the mood to make this a well written essay but this is for a weblog so it hardly needs to be Pulitzer material. I may rewrite […]

Wooly Liberals.

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Sardonic though this journal may be, it still has my name attached to it so I am not going to take that dangerous step of posting online test results into it. That aside, I spotted an odd looking online test in Sherrie’s journal yesterday called “Do You Want the Terrorists to Win” and scored 96%. […]

Bedtime, or not.

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It is 7.30am and I have just realised that I didn’t post that I was going to bed a few hours ago at just after 4am. Now I am a Master Blogger I realise that it is vital that I record such events with accuracy so I am feeling pretty crappy about all of this. […]

Learning Curves

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I am learning about “blogging” so that I can become a blog expert; after all, that’s why I started this isn’t it? Well ok, it’s not but that’s beside the point. See, I had a problem, when I went to bed last night, was I meant to report this in my blog so that my […]

I wonder…

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I wonder… Would theiving a “Theftproof Wallet” from a shop; just to make an ironic point, be morally wrong?

I learned a useful thing this week when researching the origin of Quince Cheese. It all rests on the definition of the word cheese, which includes Cheese: A mass of pomace, or ground apples, pressed together in the form of a cheese. From now on, every time I fuck up my jam making and make […]