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Tiff of the Worlds.

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Something odd has been happening this last few years and even by talking about it, I am in danger of accidentally walking across the front of a religious war. In computing terms, I probably class as somewhat experienced. Back when I used to do computer things, I used to systems manage whole countries and in […]

Lock up your Negros

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Once more in this fine and free country of ours, the Lords are debating the passing of the new Mental Health Bill. Sensibly they have thrown it out every time it has been before them but Parliament keep throwing it back. This Bill will allow people with various forms of mental illness to be detained, […]

Those of you who know me should know that one of my fascinations is the phenomenon of Groupthink (or “Folie a Deux”) and one of my professions was working out how to steal things more effectively. I have been avoiding ranting about this topic for a while but it rather amazes me that the press […]

When I was younger, thinner and more photogenic, I came home from a cellphone-free holiday in Scotland to find myself all over the newspapers being dubbed as “The Information Superhighwayman”. This was the start of the Harrods vs. Lawrie case which went on for a long time and due to my refusal to talk to […]

Feel free to ignore this, I just wanted somewhere to babble and this seemed as good a place as any. If it makes any grammatical sense at all I will be amazed. In case you missed it, it’s the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in England. This has caused lots of debate; one […]

Today I discovered that you can get a Bedwetting alarm that takes the form of a mat that goes under a child’s sheet. When the kid wets the bed it sets off an alarm that wakes the kid up and presumably, they will cease their weeing. I got to thinking that if I had designed […]

There is a worrying thing happening at the moment. People are giving money to Pirate Bay so that they can buy Sealand. If you don’t know what Sealand or Pirate Bay is, then have a look here: The theory is that if Pirate Bay buys Sealand then a whole pile of operations varying from […]

The Technophobe News

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The Technophobe News, the flagship magazine of The Technophobe Press is now open for business. That is, it would be if the Editor, Printer, Binder, Distributor and only Author of this rather short lived journal wasn’t quite so terrified of his printer. It happened yesterday. Previously the offices of The Technophobe Press were inhabited mostly […]

After long and careful study of the world in general I have finally identified a foolproof one step plan for fame, fortune, success, power and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. I realise I could sell my success formula for an absolute fortune but frankly, that would be hard work and I can’t be arsed so, […]

Wooly Liberals.

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Sardonic though this journal may be, it still has my name attached to it so I am not going to take that dangerous step of posting online test results into it. That aside, I spotted an odd looking online test in Sherrie’s journal yesterday called “Do You Want the Terrorists to Win” and scored 96%. […]