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I am small and I don’t eat much…

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It seems that I have taken back my pole position on the Slippery Slope of Culinary Decline. At this rate I’ll be back to spending weeks at a time living on instant mashed potato and pizza from bins. On the plus side, I won’t have to work out how to format my food weblog. I […]

Bedtime, or not.

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It is 7.30am and I have just realised that I didn’t post that I was going to bed a few hours ago at just after 4am. Now I am a Master Blogger I realise that it is vital that I record such events with accuracy so I am feeling pretty crappy about all of this. […]

Learning Curves

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I am learning about “blogging” so that I can become a blog expert; after all, that’s why I started this isn’t it? Well ok, it’s not but that’s beside the point. See, I had a problem, when I went to bed last night, was I meant to report this in my blog so that my […]

For the record, Tesco Finest Creamy Fish Pies are lovely if you ignore the fact that they are overly padded out with rather boringly tasteless salmon.

Well Sherrie has a book page, so I thought I would too. Of course, that means I will probably never get around to filling it in but I started out with good intentions.

Food Glorious Food

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It struck me; whilst sitting here munching on some lovely thick buttered toast with Blue Wensleydale on it, and sipping on one of Douwe Egbert’s new squeezy breast like coffee pod contraptions that much as I don’t like weblogs, I do tend to spend a lot of time talking about food. I am perfectly happy […]

I don’t like weblogs…

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I don’t like weblogs. I have never made a secret of this fact but I have decided that maybe I should have one for ranting in or something. I may use it, I may not but it has to be easier than using my old rants site. I started this one on November 27th, 2006 […]