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Why I can’t spell.

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For various reasons, I am in a reflective mood and I finally have a few weeks in which to relax. This creates its own problems in that when I have time to relax, I have time to think and when I have time to think, that’s usually not a good thing. As a means of […]

Antisocial Security

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A while ago I pondered starting a weblog devoted to security. I occasionally feel the need to write something about this subject and I was worried that my one loyal reader would probably get bored stiff if I wrote too much in amongst my generally pointless rants. My problem is that I know more about […]

The inglorious 12th.

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The pheasant situation is starting to become silly. For those of you lucky enough not to have heard me rant in person; we seem to have a whole colony of pheasants living in the garden. I have nothing against pheasants when they are timid little things that fly away when you approach them – In […]

I am not writing very much at the moment but as an additional aid to my procrastination I have decided to write a few weblog entries. In the public interest I should mention that they will mostly be nothing but self-indulgent, procrastination-fuelled intellectual-masturbation and I will warn you when I have passed this brief phase […]

Note to self…

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Don’t read this! It’s a note to me not to you. I just wanted somewhere to remind me about things I was going to write in the future. So here it is. Yet another Global Warming grumble. Judges and their concept of computer evidence. Whether I should start a security weblog. Michael on Containers. An […]

My Day

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No don’t worry, I haven’t gone completely mad. The title was meant to be somewhat sarcastic. Somebody commented that I didn’t update my weblog very much so I thought I would respond. I don’t update my weblog very much because I don’t really have anything of much interest to babble about that seems to fit […]

Kindly ignore this.

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Please feel free to ignore this post. It is nothing but a test to see if Giolla’s machine is happy with me once more having a Weblog. Of course, if it isn’t you will never see this post anyway.

Battle Of The Bathroom.

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As some of you may know, I have been having a bit of a problem with Mark Wahlberg lately. He has managed to get into my house and he is scuttling around and hiding out in the bathroom. Normally, I wouldn’t really mind but I am not sure why he is here, and it’s a […]


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So… I have just had a message from the High Council of Master Bloggers and Online Mass Debating and I have been stripped of my title pending requalification. I was still in my probationary period and missing a day without prior notification broke the terms of this. The High Council are not without heart, however, […]

I apologise for not making an entry on Sunday. I realise that this is simply not cricket but I was washing my hair. I am a cad, I am a bounder, I should be stripped of my Master Blogger credentials. What more can I say?