I know. Change is not a good thing. Change is inherently evil and old versions of anything are much better than new ones. That all said, the version of WordPress that my old weblog was running on hadn’t been updated since 2006 and patching things up was getting difficult. Plus I already run a super-duper-up-to-date WordPress site so it seemed a little untrusting not to have my personal weblog on here.

So – The site has moved. You shouldn’t notice much in the way of change except for the colour and the theme (it seems they stopped developing the old theme I used about 6 years ago damn them) but one day you may want to update your RSS thingumies.

Oh – I added better navigation buttons and those “publish to other site” things as well. Both of those are things that someone or other has asked for in the past. Nobody asked for the little icons you get when you comment but I don’t care, they are cute.