Sharon came up with one of the most concise summaries of LOST I have ever heard, today:

<Pluteau> Shaun the Sheep is great!
<Pluteau> we’ve recently started watching it
<Pluteau> big fans now
<Pluteau> Shaun rules
> Well I want the episode where Shaun gets stuck on an island, after a plane crash…
<Pluteau> yeahyeah, he’ll go into the jungle, see a polar bear, get locked in
a cage, find a girl-sheep, try to escape on a submarine, realise he’s
actually dead, then forget any of this happened and go into some random story
about his parents
> Actually, Sharon, that may be one of the most concise summaries of LOST I have ever heard though, well done.
<Pluteau> thank you

And on a complete sidenote – I was reading a little about Fingerbobs today and discovered this little gem I knew nothing of:

“At the end of the series Jones [who played Yoffy] was so sick of making the show that he destroyed the finger puppets while the camera was still rolling.”


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