I watched Battlestar Galactica a few days ago and that is another 40 minutes of my life that I want back please. Nothing happened, well except Starbuck dying but no doubt they will force her back on us as a Cylon or something so we won’t get rid of constant whiney misery PMT girl in the near future. She started off cute, quirky and amusing, but then so did most people in that show.

When it came out, I remember saying it was the best thing to come out of the US for years. And it really was. It was well made, well plotted, well acted, well shot and an improvement on the original. The problem is when they ran out of the original 80’s story to mirror it just stopped and died. Now it is utter boring dross. Just you wait, we will end up with robot dogs, kids with the most annoying American accent in the universe and the invisible Battlestar and fleet hovering above earth for a whole finally fated season one day.
Prison Break has really improved again, it had a lull at the start of season 2 but that seems to have mostly gone away; though I can’t really see how it can carry on for much longer with all the amusing side characters dead now.

Heroes seems to have stayed good, but then it’s still only on its first season so that’s to be hoped really. Mind you, in 3 seasons I may stop finding Hiro charmingly amusing and switch to annoying as fuck.

LOST (interest) goes on and on and on and unfortunately most of them seem to be immortal. I wonder if the actual actors will die of old age before the series ends.

Boston Legal is consistently brilliant, superb and wonderful. It just gets better and better. I want Shatner and Spader as my weird old gay uncles that nobody else in the family talks to.

Gilmore Girls is… Well the same as ever, nothing has really happened at all in 7 years and I like it that way. One small problem is that every time I see Lorelei I keep thinking of her yelling “FUCK ME SANTA!” whilst being shagged in a car by Billy Bob but then, that makes makes me giggle so it’s all good. Kirk is my hero and I fancy Paris still; so Gilmore Girls is ok by me still.

Veronica Mars is good mind and eye candy and she’s still cuter than most of the others. Eat your heart out Buffy. I used to like it a lot more but it does seem to have gotten a little boring, but mostly still fun.

NCIS is NCIS – I like it, they seem to keep trying to introduce long term plots but failing miserably but that doesn’t hurt it. It’s fine as a whole load of mostly standalone episodes to me. Mind you, I am biased, I think Bellasario is generally wonderful anyway, unless of course he still has anything to do with the new Battlestar Galactica in which case he should be shot.

Dexter was great, but it didn’t last very long. I am told it’s coming back but I bet they will find some way to spoil it.

House is consistently good, though getting a bit convoluted. I am glad that stuff with the police guy is over though, yawn!

Stargate SG1 is just ridiculous, but it’s about to die anyway and so it’s allowed. Stargate Atlantis is better than SG1 but still, ditto. It’s not quite completely lost the plot yet like SG1 has but I am sure it will. It’s kind of a shame they killed off the Scottish guy just to have an impact; given that he was one of the only good actors in it.

Ugly Betty, apart from not having a single ugly person in it, is still amusing me. Unfortunately most of that show’s entertainment comes from the gay nephew. Him, Paris, Abby and Kirk need to get a show of their own. Maybe something based on Charlie’s Angels.

Finally, My Name is Earl somehow has managed to stay original despite having played the same story about 40 times now. I don’t know how it does it but I like it anyway.

That is Michael’s summary of American Telly at the moment. I know you don’t care less anyway but it’s my weblog and I will post what I want.